Fluid Metrics’compressor Compressor Oil Purifiers with Ion Exchange and Ultra-fine Filtration technologies continuously remove the harmful acids and solids that naturally accumulate in compressor oils, and are the root cause of most routine compressor maintenance and repairs.  By proactively removing contaminants known to accelerate oil degradation, additive depletion, corrosion, wear and fouling, the COP dramatically increases the useful life of your compressors’ oil, air-oil separators, bearings, valves and other costly internals.  The COP slashes compressor maintenance costs by minimizing your oil & parts consumption, labor and downtime, and environmental impact while delivering the ultimate in protection and reliability.


Reduces Operating Costs

Reduces Maintenance Labor

Extends Oil Life

Extends Separator Life

Extends Air-End Bearing Life

Reduces Energy Consumption

Reduces Hazardous Waste Oil Generation and Disposal

Reduces Compressor Downtime


Proactive, Condition‐based maintenance using Fluid Metrics’ COP delivers measurable results you can easily see. Independent oil analysis allows users to easily monitor and confirm that their oil’s critical properties are being properly maintained and their oil will achieve maximum service life.


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A leading indicator of oil health, and the primary metric for determining when an oil needs to be changed, is Total Acid Number, or TAN. The COP with patented Ion Exchange Technology, continuously removes harmful acids, reduces fluid TAN, and saves users money by dramatically increasing oil service life. Instead of wasting time and money every 8,000 hours with the traditional time‐based oil changes recommended by the OEMs, results have shown that COP users can increase their oil’s service life by more than 8 times, or 66,000 hours! And, just as acids reduce oil life, the harmful clearance‐size solids found in the oil increase internal wear and fouling, and shorten the life of expensive bearings, shaft seals, air‐oil separators, and more.
ISO Particle Counts performed just one week after installation, show that Fluid Metrics’ COP, with its low‐flow Ultra‐fine Absolute Filtration (β3 ≥
200), dramatically improves upon the OEMs’ coarse full‐flow filtration, and reduces solid counts by more than 98% ‐ to levels lower than brand new oil straight from the pail. Improving filtration results in longer air‐end life, longer air‐oil separator life, lower separator pressure drop and energy consumption, and overall reduced maintenance, repairs and downtime.


  • Remove Acids
  • Control Fluid TAN, pH & Viscosity
  • Retard Oil Degradation
  • Increase Fluid Life
  • Reduce Corrosion
  • Inhibit Varnish


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Ion Exchange Technology

At the heart of the COP is its patented Dual Core cartridge with Ion Exchange acid adsorbing media. The specially prepared ion exchange resin attracts, neutralizes, and removes the harmful acids that accelerate oil degradation, additive depletion, varnish, and corrosion, and reduce the useful life of expensive synthetic compressor fluids, and other vital components.

The Ion Exchange Technology used in the COP has been extensively tested and endorsed by the world’s leading supplier of synthetic compressor fluids, and is proven to dramatically extend fluid service life. Routine oil analysis confirms that controlling acids with ion exchange technology easily produces a 3-5 times increase in compressor fluid service life. And, when used in combination with Fluid Metrics’ Additive Supplement, can increase fluid life to more than 56,000 hours, and counting! You truly may never need to change your compressors’ oil again.


Most OEM oil filters only remove solids down to 10 microns “nominal” or around 25 microns absolute (β≥200). These coarse, full-flow, oil filters are not designed to remove the most destructive “clearance size” solids (< 5 microns) that accelerate wear and fouling. Allowed to accumulate, ultra-fine solids increase operation and maintenance costs by reducing the useful life of the compressor’s oil, bearings, separators and seals, while increasing separator pressure drop and energy consumption. The COP dramatically improves upon OEM oil filter performance by using a 3 micron absolute synthetic media, with very high surface area, and strategically placed in a low-flow bypass loop to the compressors main oil circuit. These unique design features enable the COP to maintain fluid cleanliness (ISO Particle Counts) of in-service compressor fluids at levels cleaner than new fluid straight from the container.


  • Reduce Bearing Wear
  • Increase Air-end Life
  • Reduce Separator Fouling
  • Increase Separator Life
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Increase Oil Life

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Fluid Metrics’ technologies are utilized and endorsed by many of the world’s largest compressor users, and are widely recognized as the best practice in rotary screw air compressor maintenance.

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Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 153
Viscosity, centistokes – cSt
@ 0° F / ‐17.8° C ASTM D445 690 cSt
@ 100° F / 37.8° C ASTM D445 26.9 cSt
@ 104° F / 40° C ASTM D445 24.9 cSt
@ 210° F / 98.9° C ASTM D445 5.2 cSt
@ 212° F / 100° C ASTM D445 5.3 cSt
Pour Point, ° F / ° C ASTM D97 ‐40 / ‐40
Flash Point, (COC) ° F / ° C ASTM D92 470 / 243
Flash Point, (PMCC) ° F / ° C ASTM D93 410 / 210
Copper Strip Corrosion, 3 hrs. @ 212° F / 100° C ASTM D130 1B
Ferrous Metal Corrosion, Rust Test
Distilled Water ASTM D665A Pass
Synthetic Sea Water ASTM D665B Pass
Foam Tendency (Sequence I, II, III) ASTM D892 0 (Nil)
Density, g/cc @ 25° C ASTM D941 0.98
Total Acid Number (TAN), mg KOH/g ASTM D664 0.18
pH Dow Method 7.9

Viscosity – cSt @ 40°C ASTM D445 44.4
Viscosity – cSt @ 100°C ASTM D445 7.3
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 126
Pour Point – °F / °C ASTM D97 -58 / -50
Flash Point – °F / °C ASTM D92 501 / 261
Demulsibility ASTM D1401 Excellent
Foaming Sequences I, II, III ASTM D892 Nil
Specific Gravity ASTM D1298 0.89
Properties subject to change